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Turkstra Lumber is hosting its first ever Chili cook off event to help feed the hungry!

Employee volunteers at participating locations are preparing pots of chili that will be available to staff and customers for a $4 donation. 100% of all donations will go to a food bank local to that branch.

To Increase the potential amount we can raise for the foodbanks, We have also decided to donate an additional $5 for every Facebook or Twitter post made on February 2nd 2018 from 11:00AM – 2:00PM featuring the hashtag #Chili4Charity or #chilli4Charity up to a total of $500

The cities that we will be supporting on February 2nd include:

  • #Dundas
  • #Simcoe
  • #Brantford

We also encourage you to hashtag one of the 3 cities to show support for your local branch and to help determine the winner of the chili cook off. Let’s be perfectly clear, the real winners in the story will be the foodbanks, but for the sake of our very enthusiastic volunteer chefs, we will be naming one branch as the Chili Champion based on a blind taste test by a panel of mystery judges plus bonus points for every time their cities hashtag is featured.

The fine Print:

For your #Chili4Charity post to qualify for an additional $5 donation, it must meet just one of the following:

  • Your post features a photo of you or someone you are with enjoying your bowl of chili or we will accept any photo of your chili bowl that is clearly from a Turkstra location.
  • You are a local resident or business helping promote the event by sharing a post, or a link.

The idea behind the #Chili4Charity social campaign is to encourage as many of our customers and neighbours as possible to get involved, and while we would LOVE everyone from Thunder Bay to New York City to tweet about our event, we want to make sure we are making donations on behalf of those within the communities we support. Why the $500 limit? Well this is our first time and we have no way of knowing what kind of success this event will have, but we anticipate this growing bigger and better every year!

Thank you to everyone in advance for your participation and please enjoy a bowl of #Chili4Charity on February 2nd!