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Have you seen this on a t-shirt or in one of our stores?
Perhaps you’ve seen people posting online using our hashtag and you wanted to know what all the buzz was about? Well…


For our monthly draw, all you have to do is post a photo online using the hashtag #TURKSTRA!

Contest begins on April 1st 2018 with draws on the last day of each month.
The final draw will be help on September 30, 2018

Turkstra Lumber - My project phot contest 2018 - win a $100 gift card

Some of our 2018 entries

Duench Contractors Inc.-A basement renovation all trimmed out and ready for flooring. See a renovation project in your future? We're here to help! #design #build #newwalls #newlights #newdoors #newshelves#nomoresnowplowing #carpentry #woodworking #renovations#cambridge #turkstra
Heather D New deck to replace the old crumbling one! #turkstra
Cassandra M-#turkstra Farmhouse style table, first project I’ve ever done, #smithvillelocation has fantastic customer service.
April G-Pine wood from #turkstra and soon to be stain too! They pointed me in the right direction when I came in not knowing where to begin and even told me about the Hamilton Tool Library so I could have proper tools to put 2 of these side tables together for my living room. The staff was super helpful and very friendly!
Joshua M - #Turkstra hooked me up with complete framing package in record time! great customer service and quality materials!
A basement reno using Turkstra Lumber products
Duench Contractors Inc.-A basement renovation all trimmed out and ready for flooring. See a renovation project in your future? We're here to help! #design #build #newwalls #newlights #newdoors #newshelves#nomoresnowplowing #carpentry #woodworking #renovations#cambridge #turkstra
Jay J-Rough sawn Douglas fir timber framed Pavillion with #turkstra Vic West roof! Built by Gerald from Frontier Fencing and Decks Inc.
Stephanie D-We had a fun project yesterday! A couple moved from BC and when they got to their new home the realized there was no gate enclosing their backyard. With two puppies, that just won't do. They were hoping to have it done asap but between the season and holiday weekend no prefab gate could be found. So we built them a custom gate instead! #Turkstra
Crystal C #turkstra a loft bed that I build for my son, complete with video game den underneath, nerf garage and desk.
Stacie W - #Turkstra we just bought our first home in February & this was our first project; a ladder style shelf for behind the toilet.

Criteria to enter:

  1. Your photo must feature a Turkstra product, a project that was completed using Material from Turkstra Lumber, one of our stores, one of our events, or something that features an official Turkstra logo.
  2. You must use the hashtag symbol (#) followed by the name Turkstra with no space in between ie. #Turkstra, #TURKSTRA or #turkstra.
  3. The post cannot be slanderous to Turkstra Lumber, it’s employees, suppliers or affiliates.
  4. Your privacy settings online must allow us to be able to view and share your post.
  5. Your photo must be posted after April 1st 2018 and before September 30 2018.
  6. Your photo cannot feature any branding or endorse a competitor’s services or products.
  7. You must be able to claim your prize at a Turkstra location of your choosing within 28 days.
  8. The odds of winning varies based on the number of entries which can differ from week to week.
  9. Once you are entered, your name stays in the draw until you win, or until the end of the contest.
  10. Does all the material for my project need to come from Turkstra Lumber?
    As long as a portion of your project features a product you purchased from Turkstra Lumber you post will qualify. It does help to specify which products are from Turkstra Lumber in case there is any confusion.
  11. How can I claim my prize?
    We will send a private message to the Facebook or twitter account that posted the winning entry.
    We give all potential winners 48 HOURS to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be drawn.

Good luck!

Questions or concerns? You can direct your inquiries to Mitch MacLellan at the Turkstra Lumber Marketing Department. Marketing@Turkstralumber.com